Your Body & Wellbeing.


Traditional massage techniques and the natural healing qualities of pure organic essential oils combine to ease fatigue and revive your spirit

Back Massage 30 mins $50
Full Body Massage 60 mins $80
Full Body Massage 90 mins $115
Hot Stone Back Massage 30 mins $65
Hot Stone Full Body Massage 60 mins $125


Madison Signature Rituals.

Wellbeing Treatments.

Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors.

Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction.

How to achieve wellbeing

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with family and friends.
  • Make regular time available for social contact.
  • Try to find work that you find enjoyable and rewarding, rather than just working for the best pay.
  • Eat wholesome, nutritious foods.
  • Do regular physical activity and look after your body wholistically
  • Become involved in activities that interest you.
  • Join local organisations or clubs that appeal to you.
  • Set yourself achievable goals and work towards them.
  • Try to be optimistic and enjoy each day.

The term "eudaimonia" is a classical Greek word, commonly translated as "happiness", and better described as "well-being" or "human flourishing" or "good life".

It is characterized as the well-lived life, irrespective of the emotional state of the person experiencing it.

Our treatmemts below have been designed around the ancent greek philosophy of EUDAIMONIA - Living and Experiencing LIFE to ones fullest spiritual ability.

Love, Health and Joy.


1. Exotic Orange and Peppermint Enchantment : The Ome'Ga.

The Ultimate God.

Treatment  :

30min back massage

30min orange, basil and peppermint foot soak, foot scrub,  massage, foot mask

Duration : 60mins

Price : $95

Heal your bodies’ aches and pains with a soothing 30-minute back massage to improve circulation and muscle relaxation. Sip on one of our Organic Tea blends while immersing your tired feet in an enchanting orange, basil and peppermint foot soak. Completing the treatment, enjoy an invigorating foot scrub and massage before encasing your feet in a hydrating foot mask.



2.  Deluxe Your Spirit : The E'Pafi

The Touch

Treatment  :

60mins Deluxe full body massage

30mins SPA Hydrating Facial

Duration : 90mins

Price: $150

Soothe your body with a 60mins  massage. Lie back, close your eyes and drift into the ether as each limb is careesed with our peppermint body oil.  Followed by our SPA Facial of cleansing, massaging and infusing with serum and mask to hydrate your skin to perfection.

Experience the Ultimate in touch and feel ; with our Zen music playing in the background and tea lights gently flickering ; whilst your mind dreams of another land.



3. Detoxing and Contouring Green Tea Infusion : The Psi'Hi

The Soul.

Treatment :

30min Infra Detox Red Sauna

30min Back Massage and Masque

60min Green Tea and Aloe Vera Body Scrub and  Cocoon Mask

Duration : 2hrs

Price :  $180

We begin with a relaxing 30min back massage to relieve muscle exhaustion and tension. Now that you are completely relaxed you can enjoy a full body exfoliation, which will help improve circulation and remove dead skin cells. With a detoxifying antioxidant mask of Green Tea and Aloe Vera, you will be wrapped up to ensure maximum benefit. After the product has had time to infuse, your skin is hydrated with a Green Tea and Ginger moisturizing lotion.


4. Hydrating Honey Suckle Cocoon : The Thav'ma

The Miracle.

Treatment :

30min Back Massage

60mins Honey Suckle Body Scrub and Masque

30mins SPA Hydrating Facial

Duration : 2hrs

Price : $220

After calming your mind and body with an indulgent back massage, we will then pamper you with a dry body brush and exfoliation to remove dry, dull skin. Our honey suckle and cinnamon masque helps to revitalize, restore and replenish your skin.  After you have been wrapped in this intensely nourishing masque the honey suckle lotion we apply will assist in keeping your skin well hydrated and soft.


5. Parisian Vino Anti Ageing Therapy : The So'ma.

The Body.

Treatment :

30min Hot Stone Massage

60min Pinot Noir Body Scrub and Masque

60min SPA Hydrating Facial

Duration : 2.5hrs

Price : $285

Settle in for an intoxicating aromatherapy back massage, followed by a full body exfoliation, allowing for fresh skin to highly absorb the active botanicals of the masque applied. Our masque is created using grape seed oil and other extracts of the vine. These extracts are brimming with antioxidants, phytophenials and resveratrol, which help fight against and protect the skin from free radicals, the leading cause of premature ageing. While your skin is absorbing the nutrients of the masque, you will experience a Spa Facial with the option of an anti-ageing eye mask.  To complete your Parisian experience, we apply a lotion leaving you with soft, nourished skin.


6. Mt Olympus Escape to Dreamland : The O'Neiro.

The Dream.

Treatment :

30mins Omnilux - FOS Therapy

Eye Treatment Matia.

60mins SPA Hydrating Facial

30mins SPA Pedicure

60mins Indian Sandalwood with Kakadu plum Body scrub and  Cocoon

Duration : 3hrs

Price : $340

Let us take you on a journey with this hypnotic, aromatic escape. Unwind with a sensual back and neck massage before we pamper you with a full body exfoliation and masque. With the help of Indian Sandalwood and Kakadu plum, this masque helps to draw out impurities and extract and trap free radicals that may be damaging to your skin. While the masque is absorbing into your skin you will experience a drifting scalp massage to put you in a state of complete dreamland.


Upgrades available to add on and further personalize your Wellbeing Ritual.

60min So'ma Massage $80

60min Hot Stone Massage $125

60min MEDI High Performance facial $135

Eye Treatment to Rejuvenate tired eyes $30

Peppermint foot soak and massage $50

30mins infra red sauna $30

Omnilux LED Light Therapy $50

DMK foot enzyme peel $90

Spa Pedicure $75



Ionithermie Body Treatment

These treatments are unique and extraordinary for the correction of cellulite and improvement of skin and muscle tone, with the added benefit of slimming. Perfect for spot reduction (thighs, abdomen, love handles, hip, upper arms) or excellent as a kick start to a weight loss program! Also perfect for those that have lost the weight but need to improve those stubborn areas.

Benefits and Effects

  1. detoxifies and re-mineralises the body, raising the body’s energy levels and the metabolism
  2. enables a degree of control over problem areas – hips, thighs, abdomen and mid riff, upper arms, lower abdomen and upper thighs
  3. reduces fluid retention
  4. firms and tones muscles – helps to lift and flatten abdomen
  5. reduces the appearance of cellulite
  6. improves and smoothes the skin texture

What is cellulite and what part do toxins play?

Recent medical studies have shown that cellulite and its "orange-peel" texture are caused by the following:

  • The accumulation of toxins in the spaces between the skin's cells (in what doctors call the "extra-cellular matrix"). These toxins are made in the skin's connective tissue due to pH changes.
  • A decrease in microcirculation in the capillaries of the skin, which help remove the toxins and by-products of the cells' metabolic processes.
  • An increase in fluid held in the adipose (fat) tissue. An increase in the number and size of the flat cells. 
  • An increase in the thickness of the fibrous "bands" anchored to the skin through the
  • adipose tissue. These can be thought of as being like the buttons on a mattress or a soft cushion, where the thread anchoring the button through the fabric causes an indentation below the surface - but the remainder of the surface is raised.

What are the Ionithermie Ingredients?

  • Ivy  - alleviates congestion
  • algae and seaweed
  • Guarana -  well known for its fat burning and weightloss properties.
  • Essential oils of pines and cypress – stimulates the circulation, tones the skin and balances the hormones. Anti inflammatory and natural diuretic.
  • Amino acids – nourishes and re-mineralises.

What is Ionithermie and how does it detoxify?

Ionithermie is a treatment invented over 25 years ago by a French biochemist. It involves the use of a hand-held device, which transmits two gentle forms of low-level electrical stimuli through conductive clay. The treatments are provided in spas, salons, and physicians' offices across the nation, by certified Ionithermie therapists.

Ionithermie has been proven in independent clinical studies to:

  1. detoxify the extra-cellular matrix through a process biochemists term "electrophoresis", in which low-level electro-currents or electro-stimulators carry positively and negatively charged particles through a substance.
  2. Introduce all-natural products into the fatty tissue layers of the skin, resulting in "lipolysis" (the breakdown of fat tissue)
  3. Cause gentle electro-stimulation to the underlying muscles in the area being treated to help tone and sculpt the area (you may have experienced this type of muscle treatment in a chiropractor's office, or during physical therapy)
  4. Increase the amount of capillaries in the skin, increasing circulation, resulting in better health
  5. Result in an immediate and sustainable loss of up to 8 inches per treatment *Studies were carried out in France in 2001, and in the U.S. in 2005. No injections are required with Ionithermie treatments.

How many Ionithermie treatments will I need?

For immediate body shaping and preliminary detoxification: 1-3 treatments.

For early stage cellulite and moderate detoxification: up to 5 treatments.

For advanced cellulite and aggressive detoxification: up to 10 treatments.


1 ionithermie = $155

6 x ionithermie = $775 (valued at $930) = $129 each

10 x ionithermie = $1200 (valued at $1550) = $120 each


Infra Red Detox Box


What is an InfraRed ?

An infrared sauna is a sauna that heats a person or people using heaters that emit far infrared radiant heat.  They are different to a normal sauna in that they do not use steam to heat the air.  Rather, they use infrared radiation to directly heat the person.  The infrared waves penetrate into the body, raising the body temperature.  This causes sweating which in turns eliminates wastes from the body.  The infrared heat penetrates deep into pores and cleans out dirt and debris, as well as clearing the organs of toxins, and strengthening the immune system.

What Infrared Saunas can be used for

Infrared saunas can remove the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and cholesterol.  Wherever toxins accumulate, the blood circulation is blocked, due to the acidic nature of the toxins.  The saunas expand the clogged capillary vessels and dissolve the toxins into the bloodstream where they then leave the body through sweat, urine, etc.  As well as this amazing detoxification, infrared saunas can also be used to help with weight loss, cardiac problems, skin problems, acne, and many other health issues.  They are also fantastic for relieving stress.

Infrared saunas require 90 percent less energy than traditional saunas and also heat up much faster.  The calories used during half an hour in an infrared sauna is more than what would be used by a person running for the same amount of time.  An infrared sauna can be used by a person with respiratory problems as the air itself is not heated like it is in a traditional sauna.

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna has many health benefits including:

  1. deep relaxation
  2. reducing muscular stress, tension, and physical fatigue
  3. aids in increasing heart rate, cardiac output, and helps with faster calorie burning
  4. improves skin tone, texture, and colour
  5. allows for deep cleansing, eliminating impurities and removing dead skin cells
  6. detoxification
  7. increased energy
  8. improves healing time from injuries, as well as relieving pain
  9. by creating an “artificial fever”, the sauna actually improves the body’s immune system, as the function of the immune system is increased during a fever state
  10. increased muscle growth
  11. reduced cellulite
  12. raises growth hormone levels

Infra Red  30mins

1 x Infra Red            30mins approx        $30

6 x infra red             $150 [valued at $180]

10 x Infra Red          $250 [valued at $300]



Special 1 x Ionithermie  + Infra Red    (value $185 ) $155

6 x Ionithermie +  6 Infra Red $930 (value $1230)

10 x Ionithermie +   10 Infra Red  $1550  (value $1850)

Payment Plan : 3 instalments


Accupuncturist - Kosta Constatinou


About Kosta Constantinou

Ph:0411 565 503

With over 16 years of solid and demonstrated clinical experience as a Fully Qualified Practitioner of Complementary Therapies, Kosta has had a keen interest in healing and how the body heals and stays healthy. This interest started as a young boy helping his family and friends heal through massage. 

Today that astute interest and commitment is still ever presently alive with his consistency and commitment to his own development of vital health both body and mind. Kosta’s warmth, care and understanding supports people in becoming aware of their issues, or what holds them back from living there own potential, which in turn assists his clients to connect to what has ailed them. As a result of this, many people have felt inspired to make choices that have supported them to truly heal. 

Treatments range from body work including Acupuncture, specialised body work, nutritional advice, herbal advice, life coaching and more. Kosta works in unity with other health care professionals in the best interests of his client’s and refers them where applicable to support their greatest optimum health.

Kosta with his inner wisdom is deeply caring and his warm nature supports others to open up with genuine ease - this in turn allows his clients to begin their healing process naturally.


Kosta clinical focus is in:

  • Stress disorders-Depression, Anxiety and emotional health
  • Womens health-Fertility, Endometriosis etc
  • Mens health-Prostate and reproductive issues
  • Muscelo-skeletal disorders-Backs,knees, shoulders etc
  • Digestive disorders-feeling bloated, bowel issues
  • Heart and Lung conditions Health-keeping vascular system strong and healthy

We service all areas - Box Hill, Surrey Hills, Balwyn, Nth Balwyn, Canterbury, Mont Albert, Hawthorn, Deepdeene, Blackburn