About Us

Our mission statement is to provide you with hair skin beauty solutions that will DELIGHT you.

With Hair and Skin Treatments that leave you feeling beautiful on the inside and out : You will receive a total solutions experience.

Our salon culture is ideal for busy women and men who are looking for Hair and Skin treatments that will suit their hectic life style.
We offer experienced hair stylists and skin therapists that provide quality service, over a wide range of treatments & solutions to ensure that YOU leave the salon feeling rejuvenated, renewed and re-awakened. 

More importantly our salon is about providing a specialist environment where YOU feel we have tailor made every one of your treatments to suit your high-end needs.

Love and Light

Mary Galanis - Owner.

Our services are based on solutions and treatments that work.
We are serious about YOUR Hair Skin & Beauty.

Beautiful Skin created by Repairing Healing Rejuvenating.

Beautiful Hair created by Conditioning Cutting Styling.

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